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SpacePharma’s mission is to become a world leader in providing simplified and valuable, end-to-end microgravity services and solutions for research.

At SpacePharma we believe that microgravity is valuable and beneficial to many fields such as research & development, education, manufacturing and even entertainment.  We also believe that reaching microgravity can be simple, especially space’s true microgravity, which can finally become accessible and affordable to all.

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That’s why we’re building mGnify (mag·ni·fy)

Imagine a miniaturized lab that can contain everything modern labs have. Imagine that you can place this lab on different mG platforms. mGnify is our way of magnifying affordable and accessible microgravity, together with true innovation to R&D pipelines.

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We’re enthusiastic about MicroGravity

Spreading the μG word is part of why we are here, this includes educating about microgravity benefits, keeping everyone posted about related current events and creating a community where you can share your microgravity experiences.

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A team of passionate space and lab engineers together with professional scientists, gathered to build and provide the best products and services.

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We help in all phases of performing experiments in microgravity. Including experiment planning, preparation, execution in microgravity and result analysis.

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